Tackle life’s challenges head on with the help of a highly trained clinical psychologist

Because you deserve to bring emotional wellbeing and balance back into your life

Whether it’s stress at work, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or relationship difficulties – life can be challenging. At Seed Psychology, our priority is to help you work through these challenges using proven and effective evidence-based therapies.

Our team of professional and friendly psychologists draw on their 6+ years of specialist training to handle a range of issues.

Experience growth and find mental wellbeing with the help of tailored treatment plans

With several practitioners on our team, and a range of therapeutic approaches at our disposal, we are able to provide you with a treatment plan that will not only give you the tools you need to make lasting change, but is tailored to suit you.

Work with professionals who don't just listen, but also focus on helping you to develop skills

We believe that helping you to develop skills to manage life’s “ups and downs” is just as important as providing you with an empathetic ear. Between life coaching, couples counselling, and clinical psychotherapy, our goal is to help you to manage your relationships.

Our dedicated staff provide a supportive atmosphere and a quality service experience

Go to other offices providing psychological services and you might notice high staff turnover and an impersonal feel.

Because Seed Psychology is owned and run by clinical psychologists, we emphasise quality and ensure your experience will be a personal one with attention to detail.

Some of the areas we can support you in

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