Remember to Prioritise Enjoyable Activities

March 15, 2019

When you feel stressed or depressed, you may feel less motivated to want to do fun and pleasurable activities. However, in the long-term this will make you feel more stressed as you are not providing yourself with a positive outlet to release your negative feelings.

By increasing your activity and engagement in pleasurable activities, you will almost certainly feel better and your mood will lift. Research shows that the more pleasurable activities that people engage in, the higher their wellbeing and mental health recovery.

Activity boosts your wellbeing and hope for the future

Being active will help you feel that you are moving forward in your life, and that you are taking steps to improve your wellbeing. You will feel more positive about your immediate future.

Activity creates clarity in thinking

Being engaged in pleasurable activities distracts you from your concerns, and may provide you with the mental space to re-examine your difficulties in a new light. This may help to clear your thinking, and to confront your difficulties with a new perspective.

Just get started! You will feel better when you do

While you may intellectually understand the importance of prioritising enjoyable activities, your motivation and energy levels may feel too low to even start. However, all you have to do is start – the act of starting will encourage more action within yourself, and will provide you with a self-esteem and confidence boost.