Managing Difficult Feelings

October 14, 2019

Everyone has feelings, it’s a normal part of life. But during times of stress and anxiety, your feelings and emotions may feel intense and beyond your ability to manage. Here are some tips on how to better handle your feelings and emotions:


1. Emotions affect us physically – what is your body telling you?

Are your muscles tensed and your breathing rapid and shallow? Listen to your body and reflect how your emotions are affecting you physically, then act to reduce your stress or practice slow breathing exercises

2. Remember that feelings are normal!

Don’t apologise for how you feel, and don’t minimise your feelings and emotions – your emotions are important and have purpose. Try to better understand your feelings and act to reduce your stresses.

3. Don’t suppress your feelings.

This will lead to pent-up stress and anxiety. Talk about your feelings with trusted others.

4. Validate feelings in yourself and others.

Your feelings are there for a reason and have value, listen to them.