Grief and Loss Counselling

What is grief and loss?

Grief is your body’s natural response to loss. In general, grief refers to the loss of a person with whom you held a close relationship, such as a family member or friend. However, you can also experience the symptoms of grief when you have suffered the loss of something that is important to you (such as your home, employment, or a friendship).

When you are experiencing grief, you may have strong feelings of sadness, stress, anger, guilt or detachment. Reactions to grief might differ from person to person, as feelings and expressions of grief are heavily influenced by your cultural background, gender, beliefs, and personality. Everyone differs in the way they show and feel their grief – there is no ‘correct’ way or period of time in which to grieve for a loved one. You will generally recover from the symptoms of grief more quickly by talking and sharing your thoughts and feelings with others. In most cases, with the support of your family and friends, your feelings of grief and sadness will diminish over time.

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How can grief and loss counselling help me?

Your feelings of grief and loss can be particularly intense and long-lasting if you have pre-existing mental health difficulties, such as depression. Additionally, the situation and circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one can contribute to intense feelings of grief, particularly if it was a distressing or unexpected death. This may also occur with other traumatic events, such as a sudden job loss. You may feel that you will never be able to recover from your grief, and you might feel unable to participate in or cope with the issues of daily life. In these instances, you may greatly benefit from treatment with one of our clinical psychologists. Our psychologists can help you to move through the stages of grief, and learn new skills and strategies to deal with and accept your loss, whilst moving forward with your life.

At Seed Psychology, our clinical psychologists are highly trained and experienced with grief and loss counselling.