Choosing Apps for Mental Health

13 December 2017 Searching for “depression,” “anxiety,” or “mental health” on your phone’s app store returns thousands of options. While …

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Insights on Child Psychology: The Impact of School Refusal

15 August 2017 As we head into the second half of the year and with exams on the horizon, an …

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Dealing with Social Phobia/Anxiety

7 December 2016 Social Phobia is the fear of being stared at, being evaluated or being the centre of attention, …

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Depression in adolescents vs adults

25 August 2016 Spotting the Differences Adult depression is often characterised by social withdrawal and sadness, while adolescent depression commonly …

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The Digital Detox: Disconnect to De-Stress

28 January 2016 We see many people with symptoms related to stress, anxiety and depression. What often makes symptoms worse …

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Treating Severe Anxiety

9 November 2015 Severe anxiety is increasingly prevalent as people manage the pressures of work, home, relationships and social media. …

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