How to Cope with Re-Entry Anxiety

October 11, 2021

By Geeta in Anxiety, Self-care

When you think about society opening back up, does it cause you to experience what is referred to as re-entry anxiety?

Below are some tips for you to to help manage any feelings of anxiety around ‘returning to normal’: 

  • Take things at your own pace. Make decisions that are right for you. Acknowledge your fears, keep things in perspective and seek support if your worries are impacting how you’re re-engaging with what’s important to you. 
  • Open communication is key. Let people know what you’re comfortable with, what concerns you may have, and how you want to socialise. 
  • Start by socialising in small groups with close friends or family. 
  • Write down your worries to determine how reasonable they are. You can ask yourself some key questions to challenge your thinking, such as, “Am I getting ahead of myself and assuming something bad will happen when I really don’t know the outcome?” Remind yourself the actual number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Australia is extremely low. Ask yourself, “Am I overestimating how terrible the consequences may be? Am I underestimating my ability to cope?” 
  • Practice being in the present moment. Breathing exercises can help you feel calm and grounded. 
  • Practice regular self-care. We cover self-care tips on our Instagram channel.
  • Consider getting professional help. Therapy can help you talk about your concerns and help you form a wellness plan that’s right for you. 


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