Helping Young Adults With Mental Health Concerns

Young Adults (aged 18-25) are faced with unique challenges in regards to their development and everyday stressors, including:

  • The process of differentiation from parents
  • Learning to regulate emotions
  • Life transition into adulthood
  • Decisions regarding their future—work, study and family
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Developing and solidifying a sense of identity.

As a result, young adults often report increased stress, anxiety, irritability and low mood as they are navigating through this difficult period of their lives. It is important to be able to communicate with young adults in a compassionate and effective way. Here are some tips for providing support to the young adults in your life:


  • Be warm, kind, and show genuine care


  • Be dismissive of suicide or self-harm issues; comments such as “you have so much to live for” and “your family would suffer” can invalidate the person’s feelings
  • Make assumptions about the young person’s experiences.

How Seed Psychology can help:
At Seed Psychology, we have a number of experienced psychologists who have extensive experience working with young adults who are struggling with their mental health.


Written by Noor Alkazali, Psychologist at Seed Psychology