Childhood Trauma: What You Need to Know

June 20, 2018

By Seed Psychology in Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

Trauma has a profound effect on a developing child, and of course the adult personality, particularly, when this occurs at critical life periods such as infancy and adolescence. People may more typically experience symptoms of distress or mental illness which are born through trauma.
What are the symptoms of trauma?
  • Symptoms of a range of mental illness, i.e., anxiety, depression, personality disturbance
  • Misuse of drugs, alcohol or prescription medication
  • Difficulties in relationships, romantic relationships, friendships and/or professional relationships
  • Difficulties with low self-esteem, general life dissatisfaction or lack of identity

What are examples of loss and trauma?
  • Physical, sexual or emotional abuse
  • Neglect including emotional neglect
  • First or second generation migration and/or refugee
  • Parent with alcoholism or mental illness
  • Death or illness of a parent or family member

Treatment Help is available and engaging in psychological therapy is demonstrated to help reduce distress over time. At Seed Psychology, we have a range of psychologists who are skilled in the treatment of individuals with a history of trauma and concomitant mental illness. By Kelly Higginbotham, Clinical Psychologist at Seed Psychology