Resources Just for You: September Edition

October 19, 2018

By Seed Psychology in Resources, Social Media

19 October 2018

Below is a list of articles and psychology resources curated specifically for you that were shared on our Facebook page last month.

In case you missed it…

Article: Which Is Better, Rewards or Punishment? Neither
How do you interact with your children—do you use punishment or rewards when trying to get them to do something? This article argues neither is the way to go, but rather changing our perspective is the key to effective communication.

Article: Podcast Recommendation
Do you need a new podcast recommendation? We suggest checking out PsychCrunch—each episode explores psychologists’ research and whether we can apply these findings to our own lives.

Article: Forging Quiet Friendships: Tips to Help Introverted Kids Make True Friends 
What to keep in mind if you, or your child, are an introvert and want some tips on making friends.

Article: Teens who feel down may benefit from picking others up
“While we often talk about the importance of receiving social support when we’re feeling down, these findings highlight the unique value of providing support to others.”

Article: 6 Ways to Model Healthy Phone Habits for Your Kids
“Here are six techniques that will help you be more present with your children—and your life.”


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