Resources Just for You: May Edition

5 June 2017

Below is a list of articles, videos and other content curated specifically for you that were shared on our Facebook page last month.

Article: 11 Very Good Reasons to Go To Therapy
Do you spend a lot of time on your physical health, going to the gym or taking a Pilates class? Your mental health deserves just as much care.

Video: Idris Elba #ThriveOn
Advertisement aside, we love the message of this video! What a great reminder that as adults, we can still think, create, play and dream just as we did when we were kids. Always keep dreaming.

Article: Most of us will never be more than average. Can we be content with that?
Here’s an interesting take on what it means to ‘have it all.’ Maybe striving for a healthy balance in our lives is the key to happiness.

Video: The Power of Vulnerability
‘The Power of Vulnerability’ is the Ted talk you don’t want to miss. Being vulnerable can make us stronger, and help us develop deeper connections with others. “I’m just so grateful, because to feel this vulnerable means I’m alive.”

Article: The Reality of Broken Heart Syndrome
Wow! Apparently, the condition of a broken heart is a recognized medical condition. This connection between our mind and bodies is an important indication to look after our mental and physical health.

 Article: Teaching children self-compassion by modeling it ourselves
Check out these great reminders as we live our everyday lives. If we practice compassion for others, we are able to show ourselves compassion.

 Article: How to be happy with what you’ve got and stop wanting more
Have you ever bought a new gadget, or gone on a shopping spree and been instantly happy, only to have that effect wear off after a short time? “Becoming rapidly accustomed to something new is so common that psychologists have a name for it – hedonic adaptation.” This article is a good reminder of how to approach our lives with a sense of gratitude for what we have.

 Article: Mindfulness Just as Effective as CBT for a Broad Range of Psychiatric Symptoms
Research suggests mindfulness group therapy has an equally positive effect for people suffering with depression and anxiety disorders as individual cognitive behavioural therapy.

 Article: Raising a generation to be safe and kind online
Unfortunately, cyberbullying is still prevalent in today’s society and is affecting the generation growing up today. Luckily there are ways to protect our children when they go online. Join the conversation!

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