Resources Just for You: December Edition

January 08, 2019

By Seed Psychology in Resources, Social Media

8 January 2019

Below is a list of articles and psychology resources we shared on our Facebook page last month.

In case you missed it…

Article: The Key to Slowing Down? Mindful, Controlled Breathing
Did you know the way we breathe has an impact on our lives? Learn how to give it more attention for your benefit.

Article: 10 Ways to Help Your Mental Health
A few simple reminders that can make a big difference.

Article: Powerful Choices You Can Make Every Day
We spend a lot of our days making choices. Are you making the right ones?

Article: Nine steps to curb sibling fighting
“Parents and carers can find fighting between siblings exhausting, particularly over holiday periods when children spend a lot of time with each other. How can families reduce the fighting so they can enjoy each other’s company?”

Article: 3 Ways to Create Better Connections With People
“If you desire to advance your career, grow your business, or have more fulfilling relationships with friends and family it is going to require you to become better at building connections. Merely communicating is not sufficient.”


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