Coping with the Holiday Blues

December 11, 2018

How to cope with seasonal depression 

The Christmas break is a welcome opportunity to unwind. However, for many people the holiday season can be anything but joyful.

You may experience more stress and anxiety, and feel the symptoms of undiagnosed depression that has been masked by the busyness of the year.

During the Christmas break, feelings of depression can be triggered by:

  • Extra financial pressures
  • Loneliness and grief for missing loved ones
  • Increased alcohol consumption and fatigue
  • Reflecting on disappointments and perceived failures of the year
  • Post-holiday sadness as you return to our daily routine.

Strategies to manage seasonal depression

These strategies will help you to reduce your emotional stress:

  • Set realistic expectations for the holiday season
  • Take time to enjoy calming and relaxing activities
  • Limit alcohol and food intake
  • Don’t overspend – set a holiday budget
  • Spent time with caring and supportive people.

How Seed Psychology can help you

If you feel that you need extra support, book an appointment with one of our experienced psychologists. We will help you learn new coping strategies to make positive life-style changes, regain hope and wellbeing, and better manage life’s challenges.