Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)?

SFBT is a goal-focused therapeutic approach which helps you to achieve desired changes in your life by constructing solutions. Solution-focused therapists believe personal change is constant. SFBT therapists will help you to identify positive directions for change in your life, and create a definite vision of your preferred future. A variety of techniques are used to help in this process:

  • Miracle questions, which prompt descriptions of what life would be like if the “problem” was gone
  • Scaling questions, which encourage tracking and reporting your experiences
  • Exception-seeking questions, which promote reflection on times when “the problem” was less severe or debilitating, or even absent, and then enable you to be able to use what has worked previously
  • Coping questions, which elicit information and insight about resources in your life, and also reflect your strengths as observed by the therapist
  • Problem-free talk, where you are encouraged to feel safe and unjudged, and to reflect on other parts of your life in which things are less difficult.

Who Can Benefit From SFBT?

SFBT is especially effective in helping individuals who struggle with:

  • depression
  • substance use

Many people also find SFBT techniques useful in other aspects of their lives that are not mental-health-related, such as making significant decisions about their future career, family, or lifestyle.

How Seed Psychology can help you

Several of our psychologists are skilled and experienced with Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, as well as a range of other psychological treatments. We will work with you on a tailored treatment plan, to help you recover and improve your wellbeing.