Administration Coordinator

Key Skill:

  • Managing our office to ensure we can consistently operate at the highest quality standard.


At Seed Psychology you will be treated with warmth, empathy, and understanding from our team of highly-experienced psychologists and wider team.

About me:

I grew up in a multicultural environment, with a passion for law, which slowly changed, and I am now currently completing an undergraduate in Psychology. I am hoping to one day work as an organisation psychologist, or in a school setting. I value quality time with family and friends and prioritise support and helping one another.

How I will help you:

I will ensure to make your time at Seed Psychology as welcoming and easy as possible by supporting you through the process of booking your appointment, as well as your time with us on site.

My three favourite things:

  • Hanging out with friends and exploring new restaurants.
  • Travelling
  • Trying new experiences