The Digital Detox: Disconnect to De-Stress

28 January 2016

We see many people with symptoms related to stress, anxiety and depression.

What often makes symptoms worse is the overwhelming prevalence of social media, digital devices and instant connectivity in their lives. Smart phones continually drip-feed Facebook updates, and work emails are received at all times of the day (and night!).

Does this sound (and look) familiar?

picture of confused woman with cell phone

Because of the nature of having to constantly be ‘on’ in the digital world, and the compulsive need to continually check our devices, a lot of people are fearing that a failure to maintain this constant attention will jeopardise their relationships.

However, this constant engagement with digital media only heightens feelings of stress and anxiety.

So, what is the solution? We advise you to schedule time away from your devices for these clear benefits:

  • Improved mindfulness
  • Better personal relationships – reconnecting with loved ones in person
  • Improved physical posture and exercise – less screen time improves mood and reduces anxiety

At first it is hard to disengage, but with determination and commitment you can maintain your digital detox.

It is a very important step forward in helping you achieve balance and wellbeing.

By the team at Seed Psychology

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