Workplace Issues

How workplace issues can negatively impact you

The workplace is where different personalities, communication styles, ideas and opinions come together and interact. And whilst we all wish to have positive relationships with our work colleagues, these personality differences often cause tensions between people and lead to increased distress and discomfort. Although in every workplace there is the right to be treated fairly, some employees will also experience harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination.

For these reasons, some employees experience low satisfaction at work and may struggle with their tasks and performance. The feeling of being “burned out” is very common and employees may have difficulties in finding a job that fits their abilities and interests.

Common workplace issues

Issues that employees may face include:

  • interpersonal conflict
  • bullying
  • discrimination
  • low motivation
  • harassment
  • low performance
  • poor job fit.

Research has found that when employees experience abuses (such as experiencing ongoing hostile verbal and non-verbal behaviours) there is an association with increased employee strain, burnout, and diminished levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy. And when employees experience unfair treatment, there is a link with increased rates of psychological disorders. This means that workplace issues, such as harassment, discrimination and bullying, can lead to lower performance, job loss, decreased life satisfaction, increased stress, and exacerbate existing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

How Seed Psychology can help

Our psychologists will work with you in-session to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms that stem from workplace issues. These sessions aim to teach you healthy coping skills that you can use to better manage work-related stress and other issues. Identifying and changing unhealthy thoughts often results in improved mood and overall well-being. We can also help you to build more assertive communication skills and improve your conflict resolution skills.

Written by Dr Chiara Paganini, Clinical Psychologist at Seed Psychology