Relationship Difficulties

Do we need relationship or couples counselling?

One of the most important elements for your mental and physical health is to have positive interpersonal relationships with your partner, friends, family, and peers. It is normal for you to experience infrequent and short-term periods of unhappiness and negativity with your friends, family, and partner.  These may include arguments, disagreements, and differences of opinion. However, if you experience long-term negative relationships with those closest to you, this will gradually impair your confidence, self-esteem, and physical health.

Relationship difficulties that you may encounter include:

  • Dysfunctional and unhelpful communication issues including anger and conflict
  • Shyness and lack of confidence in social situations
  • Difficulty asserting your needs and viewpoint
  • Sensitivity to perceived criticism
  • Insecurity and fear of rejection

At Seed Psychology, we deliver the highest-quality relationship counselling to people who have relationship difficulties with their partners, family, friends, and work colleagues.

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What causes relationship difficulties?

Your relationships with your partner, friends, and family can at times be difficult and distressing. The following issues can cause relationship difficulties:

  • Poor communication skills
  • Incompatible or conflicting goals/values
  • Domestic violence, or emotional or verbal abuse
  • One partner is experiencing depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues
  • Adjusting to life transitions (such as moving in together, marriage, parenting, or retirement)
  • Difficulty achieving a reasonable work-life balance
  • Managing life stressors (such as job loss, finances, or conflict regarding parenting issues)
  • Lack of intimacy and trust

How can marriage counselling or relationship counselling help us?

If you are having any of the above relationship difficulties, Seed Psychology will help you with individual therapy and/or couples therapy. Our experienced psychologists deliver counselling to many couples who want to improve their relationship and marriage, as well as people who wish to overcome relationship difficulties with friends and extended family members. We also deliver counselling to people seeking help to overcome shyness and a lack of confidence in social situations.

In individual therapy, our psychologists will assist you to identify unhelpful patterns of thinking or behaviour that are contributing to your relationship difficulties, and support you to develop new skills and coping strategies.

In couples therapy, our psychologists will help you and your partner (or friend or family member) identify the issues of concern that are damaging your relationship. You and your partner will develop new skills and strategies that will foster better communication, understanding, and respect within your relationship. You will be assisted to reconnect and identify mutual values and life goals, and to regain strength and positivity within your relationship.